Evolve Team:

Our management team and cleaning professionals are committed to providing the very highest quality cleaning in the industry.  It truly starts with listening to our clients.  We believe that they will always tell us what they need, not us telling them what we feel they need.  All team members go through an intensive training program where they master specialized cleaning techniques using state-of-the-art products, equipment, and chemicals.  Because each customer’s space is unique and has its own specific demands, additional onsite training is provided at the inception of each new account.  All of our employees are dependable and insured through Nationwide Insurance.  We bring the most professional staff and process to your place of business, thereby ensuring your office space will be maintained at the highest industry standards.  

We look hard and vet every Evolve member of our team before we hire them.  Once we have screened the candidates, we do a full background check, provide Workman’s Comp, provide drug testing and provide complete training for the specific role they will play inside of Evolve.

All employees are placed on a team within our Evolve team.  They report to a team leader and are not only accountable to each of their teammates, but are also formally accountable to their team leader.  It is important that we train the proper skills so that we can not only do a thorough job of cleaning but also do it efficiently and effectively to give our clients the best value in the industry.  

All team members adhere to the policies that have been put in place to assure a world class experience for our clients.  

  1. Fully vetted team members are screening to protect our clients and our employees.
  2. Our team members take pride in the job they are performing and care about doing a great job and are rewarded accordingly. They hold themselves as accountable as we hold them.
  3. A team that starts its journey with Evolve receives training and continues to learn new innovative ways to serve our clients as long as they are employed with us.
  4. Work is not all about the activities that you do, but also how you carry yourself while you perform your duties.  We believe in a culture of excellent customer service with respect for everyone.  We know that things can never go perfectly all the time, but we strive to resolve issues quickly.  We stay positive and work under the innovative process called Team Cleaning.  Our team members are all trained to use our technology to timestamp and document everything, every time.  This assures our clients a consistent performance over time.  We want our clients to worry about what they do best and be assured that we are keeping our commitments to do what we do best.  

Evolve Mission:

At Evolve our mission is extremely clear to us. We believe that the quality of the services we perform is extremely important for our clients.  From our management team to our cleaning professionals, we are committed to a level of service that is second to none.  We are in business to help our clients achieve success in their business.  We know that a perfectly cleaned place of business is our contribution to creating an environment for their success.   

Phone: 877.517.8326
Email: info@evolvecleaningsolutions.com