Evolve Cleaning Solutions®

ECS is committed to providing outstanding commercial cleaning services. We understand that our clients have businesses to run, which shouldn’t include cleaning their facilities. By executing on our mission, we enable our clients to deliver on theirs without having to work with the distractions of unclean facilities.

The Evolve Solution™


We believe the best way to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty is through our frontline employees. Realizing that so much of our success is contingent upon an excellent workforce, we have a deliberate strategy to attract and maintain one, including:

  • Compensation plans that exceed industry standards.
  • Empowering staff to make in the moment decisions to meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Extensive training program that includes best practices and industry standards.
  • Background checks and drug screening.


Services provided by ECS are characterized by attention to detail. In order to satisfy, and even exceed client expectations, our contracts are thorough in defining them. Employees are brought into the bidding/quote process early on to determine the level of training and equipment necessary for each job.

  • We use equipment that meets the CRI Gold Standards (Carpet & Rug Institute, a national trade association) to ensure work is performed at the most professional level possible.
  • We use only environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • A Team Cleaning method is used to ensure efficiency and quality control.
  • Inspections are performed by supervisory staff to ensure standards are met and maintained.


When a client signs a contract with ECS, the work is only beginning. Our goal is to always renew our contracts and we achieve that by continually providing the best customer service and satisfaction.

  • Responsive communication, as defined in our contracts, ensures client’s needs are responded to and met in a timely fashion.
  • Continuous investment in technology to remove pain-points, specifically in improving automated ticketing systems.
  • Staying current, whether it is industry trends, best practices or sustainability efforts, ECS maintains memberships in national trade associations.